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Privacy Policy

Data transfer conditions

Visiting and websites of its license holders you accept and agree with the rules of use defined in this Notice.

What information do we collect and how do we do it? collects personally identifiable information from you, which you freely provide. The information received from you allows us personalizing and improving experience of We use information to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments, contact you about orders, products, services and ad offers, update our stocktaking and generally provide us with your accounts, place personalized content, customer reviews and suggest services, which could be interesting for you. We use this information to improve our website, avoid and find out our website’s falsification or abuse and provide the third parties with a possibility to perform technical, logistics and other activity on our behalf.

Your provided information

We summarize only personally identifiable information, which you choose to submit. You may choose to not provide definite information. Where possible, we will provide you with a possibility of choice – how do we use this information.

Giving us any personally identifiable information you fully understand and agree with transfer of such personally identifiable information, as well as collection and processing of such information in other countries or territories. We perform such information transfer and processing according to this privacy policy.

Automatically received information

Every computer connected to Internet is granted a domain name and a body of digits, which serves as Internet protocol („IP”). If a visitor requests a page from any website in our network, our site’s servers automatically recognize this visitor’s domain name and IP address. Domain name and IP address does not disclose anything personal about you except the IP address, from which you have accessed our Site. We use this information to check our data flow in general, as well as for safety reasons and examine whether the network or its users are misused, or to cooperate with law enforcement institutions.

We receive and store information of definite type, whenever you contact us. For instance, like many sites, we use cookies and obtain definite information, when our WEB browser accesses to Recognizing you, we can give you personalized experience.

What are cookies?

From time to time we may send a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a small piece of data sent to your browser from the WEB server and stored on your computer’s hard disk. A cookie cannot read data from your hard disk or read cookies created by other websites. Cookies cause no harm to your system. We use cookies to define what places of our website network you have visited or adapted that is why next time when you visit them these pages will be already available. You may choose whether to accept cookies by changing your browser settings. You may restart your browser to refuse from all cookies, or for the browser to show when a cookie is sent. If you choose to not accept these cookies, your information on our site and other websites may disappear and some functions may not function as provided.

Information from the third parties’ sources

We can receive information about you from other sources and attach it to our account information. The information about customers is important to us and we do not disclose it to others. We transfer customer information only according to the rules below.

Service providers

The information is given to the third parties rendering services or providing activities on our behalf. These service providers request information about you and your company to give you the best service.

Although and its license holders may have access to the personally identifiable information for the given purposes, they may not use this personally identifiable information for other purposes, and they must process your information according to the legal acts of Data Protection.

Advertisement, marketing, news e-mail

We may use information to perform internal marketing analysis, for instance, to evaluate tendencies among consumers or define data flow amount to our websites. We may also use your personally identifiable information to contact you about our products and services. You may choose whether you wish to receive such notifications, when you give us personally identifiable information for the first time. We may also share the personally identifiable information with others, for instance, anonymously with advertisers; which means that this information does not include your personally identifiable information.

We will not allow that the selected organizations send you ad and marketing information without your consent. If you give consent, please, note that such organizations are carefully selected, and this notice’s conditions are binding for them.

Photos, references, case study and other information

The information, which you place in sharing areas of site, is usually available, and it may be collected and used by others, as well as it may appear when contacting other people. The site users are suggested to be cautious when giving personally identifiable information about them in the sharing areas of this site.

Selling and handover

In case of selling, merging, consolidation, control change, considerable property handover, reorganization or liquidation, we may transfer, sell or entrust information to the third parties about your relations with us, including, but without restricting to your given personally identifiable information and other information in relation to our mutual relations.

Legal responsibility

It may provided by the law that we fairly express your provided information, taking into account that such expression is provided by the law, or observing the legal procedure initiated against us, or to protect and defend our rights or property and our interests or interests of our customers or site users, or society.

Is your information safe?

Our responsibility is to provide you with safe environment during storing and forwarding of own personally identifiable information.

We have anticipated suitable physical, electronic and procedural protection measures to collect, store and not disclose your personally identifiable information. Although we use technologically the most developed available security systems, our security staff cannot guarantee protection against unauthorized access of the third parties.

Amendments in this notice

Amendments in this notice are made according to our company’s constantly changing image. Such amendments are included into this site; and you are suggested to check your website on regular basis to confirm the information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.

Your information control

If you wish to control the personally identifiable information at our disposal, change this information, request your information deletion, or if you have questions related to the given notice, please, contact us.

Google analytics

Please, note that this site uses Google Analytics to verify the site activity. Please, see detailed information about the way Google collects and processes data here: How does Google use your date, when you use partner sites or applications.